New Commission piece

A painting by John William Waterhouse titled "Hylas and the Nymphs", it's going to be roughly 24 x 36 and fit into a dining room window that has a thick sill. It will always have reflected light during the day, never getting direct sunlight. Something to take into consideration when choosing colors and getting the high contrast look of the painting. They mentioned they wanted to make it removable, so I'm considering using stained glass framing material, that way they can remove it when needed. Current stage is pattern making, I had a oversize copy made of the piece and am going to crop it within the size needed. Next, I'll trace where the lead-lines will be, therefore making a line drawing of the different pieces of glass. Then comes the glass shopping trip, always a fun part of the process. This painting will definitely be a challenge to reproduce in glass but if I don't challenge myself I get bored and tend to not finish the project. I will post more updates soon

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