New Tom Waits portrait idea

I salvaged some frames from a church project and have been kicking around ideas for what kind of glass pieces to put in them. After several false starts, I've come up with a portrait idea involving one of my favorite musicians, Tom Waits. I'm going for an anti-church window look with iconography and symbolism to fill the edges and a large high contrast portrait with his signature pork pie hat. My goal with this piece is to light his face with a complementary color combination like in the above picture, using warm pink/red/orange and purple/green/blues. The inspiration for strange colors instead of skin tone comes from Matisses' "The Green Line". (See below)

Once I get the drawing done I will post more

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Phil said...

Just happened to come across this blog on Tom Waits. Thought you might like to see my Tom Waits Project in Stained glass.