Artist Spotlight: Xia Xiaowan

Google is a wonderful thing. Occasionally I will search Google images for new ideas for Stained glass. After digging through thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, I come across something fantastic. Enter Xia Xiaowan, a Chinese artist that uses special pencils. I work with glass & have no idea what he uses, wax maybe?? But Xia Xiaowan doesn't just draw on one piece of glass. The drawings are layered on different pieces and stacked in front of or behind one another. It creates an optical illusion and essentially a three dimensional drawing. I've been drawing since elementary school (I'm 32 now) and this technique blows my mind. To be able to think about drawing in multiple dimensions makes my brain cells curl up in a ball, hide in a dark corner of my skull and gently rock back and forth muttering to themselves. Amazing!

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