Stage 2 complete

After the fiasco of getting the lumber from Lowe's to the studio. Who knew it would be so difficult to construct a large work table? I vastly underestimated my wood-working skills, but I managed. I finally completed my work table, custom built to my height and could probably stop a Mac truck.


A Late One said...

That will make a handy dandy bar for when you host your first gallery party! (hint hint...throw a shindig soon eh?)

D said...

Yes, will do soon. The Gallery upstairs is having one at the end of May. Maybe then?

Big In Day-town said...

Uhm, there's apartments to be cleaned and legions of cat hair to disperse first. Priorities, people! ;-)

Shawn said...

Yes... priorities... (he agrees hoping it might stall any shindiggery until June when he and the better half are in town)

D said...

Apt. cleansed, check
Cat hair dispersed, check
Studio set-up complete, check

When will Shawn and better half be in town?