Old Dayton Daily News sale

Last weekend there was a sale at the old Dayton Daily News building on Fourth & Ludlow. Touted as everything must go, wander around in the six floors of this building and if you find something you like, you buy it. I read about it on Friday and was bugging the shit out of Mel to get there early on Sat. morning. I'd be surprised if he wasn't there, Sandy Mendleson, buying truckloads of shit to sell at a jacked up price. Not that there's anything wrong with buying low and selling high, I just have no remorse for someone that just sold a whole floor of a building full of scrap metal to China for a million dollars. Anyway, the sale, Mel says let's start at the top, on the top floor we find D.L. Stewart's office, Ron Rollins' office and lots of movie press kits. Mel informs me they're not worth buying. The editorial department was more entertaining than the advertising department, office cubical hell, blah. Then I turned the corner and saw it... a light table, and it was marked $125.00. In a hurried panic I fumbled around for the switch and after a what the hell or two, I found it. It worked and I wasn't leaving it's side until I purchased it. Just then, Mel's sister shows up with her boyfriend. "Here, grab the other side of this", it's a fucking heavy duty table luckily it slides easy. Following the signs for the elevator we slid this table straight to the cashier getting puzzled looks from other shoppers. Going there, I didn't expect to find something I desperately needed. I had planned on constructing one with the leftover lumber from my table, isn't it weird how things happen that way?


A Late One said...

That table would look really boss at your first studio party! When is that going to be again??! ; )m

D said...

It looks like June 14th or 15th, when S&S will be in town.