Homebrew store logo piece

The best beer store in the Miami Valley is opening a separate store front for beer, cheese, wine, and soap making supplies. I was looking at the logo on their website one day and thought the design would transfer to stained glass well. I talked to a friend of mine that works there and he suggested I work something up to present to the owner to see if he wanted to go forward with it. I ran into the owner at a beer tasting last weekend and he had already heard about my idea. He said, "Yeah, we could do that". I had most of the material, except for the orange on the foxes body. Matching it as close as possible, I proceeded to scale the design 4 times as large as the copy I had. So now it's 28" round. Cut the pieces, only 39. And today, I assembled and soldered. The above picture is where it stands now. Next step is to cement it, work putty between the glass and the came. Then, I'm going to paint the details of the face. And finally, solder some hooks on the back for hanging. "Should" be ready for the stores grand opening. Which is soon.

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