Artist Spotlight: Wim Delvoye

Amazing pieces from an amazing Belgium artist. These are actual stained glass pieces created by attaching x-rays to the glass. He calls this body of work "Gothic Works", if you look at them closely you can see a couple kissing in one, and some exterior piercings in another. Another series he produced was a man and woman friend coated themselves in Barium (x-ray goop) and posed themselves in various, shall we say private, positions and had x-rays taken of them. Personally, I'm not willing to expose my genitals to Barium, let alone dangerous radioactive particles but the end result is fascinating. I was telling a friend of mine about these pieces and he suggested finding old glass x-rays and incorporating them into MY work. So stay tuned for what I come up with mixing stained glass and dental x-rays. In the meantime check out http://www.wimdelvoye.be/

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