Starting to paint

I let the cement dry for a few days and I rubbed the lead came with a patina. That makes the lead darker and therefor less noticeable in the overall design. ALWAYS WEAR LATEX GLOVES WHEN USING PATINA, IT IS CORROSIVE. After patina comes a finishing compound (carnuba wax) which cleans off excess patina and dirt, and makes the lead and glass shine. Then a detailed cleaning, using a sharpened dowl rod you scrape excess cement and wipe the surface of each piece. Typically at this point the piece is ready to install, but I've got a lot of painting to do.


Shawn said...

jeez-X D, I'm continually amazed and inspired by Your art.

D said...

It's finally starting to sink in how much time it's actually going to take to paint this. Um, yeah

A Late One said...

D you are so bad ass!!